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 Attorney General Kamala Harris-the top cop in California- is a marijuana legalization advocate! We demand that she cease and desist immediately!
Los Angeles, CA - November 3rd 2011 - Coalition for a Drug Free California (CDFC) has learned that California State Attorney General Kamala Harris has been meeting with pro-marijuana organizations, seeking their advice and input on soon-to-be-released guidelines tying the hands of California law enforcement officers from shutting down pot stores. "If this turns out to be true, then Domestic Marijuana Cartels in California will flourish," said Dr. Paul Chabot, president of the Coalition for a Drug Free California.
Sources have told CDFC that Kamala Harris's staff have used state-offices, including those within the Bureau of Narcotic Enforcement to meet with pro-marijuana lobby organizations. Today, CDFC has submitted a Public Records Act Request to the California Department of Justice for all information, including names, organizations, locations and staff members who have met with marijuana organizations, in regards to marijuana issues, since Harris became State Attorney General. CDFC allies have announced they will begin a thorough search of her campaign donations looking for links to drug legalization lobby groups and individuals.
Today, CDFC spoke with Harris's press secretary, Lynda Gledhill who stated, "No comment."
Before Harris was elected as California's top-cop, she was the District Attorney in San Francisco. During her tenure, she penned an editorial favoring marijuana, stating, "...We will not prosecute people who use or sell marijuana for medicinal purposes...I formed, and have been meeting with, a medical marijuana advisory group a group of leaders from the medical marijuana community whom I have asked to advise me and to discuss community impacts. Read her editorial here.
CDFC has submitted numerous requests to meet with Harris - all ignored by her office. Harris continues to meet with pro-drug organizations.
Chabot stated, "We are very concerned to learn that the state's top cop is going against law enforcement, youth and common sense. We have seen what drug money, corruption and influence has done to Mexico. We can only hope that's not the case with our state's highest elected officials. We may soon ask the Feds to investigate. We must not let our state fall to Domestic Marijuana Cartels."

Kamala Harris receives Take Back America's Skunk Award for undermining her own position and failing the people of California!