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Meet Carla Lowe. Director of
(Citizens Against Legalizing Marijuana)
Carla: During my past 33 years as a volunteer anti-drug activist, I have been involved in non-profit 501 (C) (3) organizations, several that I started A non-profit group is limited by law as to its political expenditures. We could not lobby openly against any marijuana legislation. In 1979, I think, I heard Keith Stroup, new director of NORML (National Organization to Reform Marijuana Laws) say that in their quest to see smoked marijuana become legal around the country, it would first need to be accepted as a “medicine,” that this would be the “red herring” necessary to give it a good name among the public.

In 1996, George Soros and 3 billionaires spent 3 million dollars to con good, compassionate Californians into establishing smoked pot as “medicine” simply by popular vote. This then became the needed “red herring.” In 2009, there was talk of a proposed initiative to legalize marijuana in California for the November 2, 2010, ballot. When I saw that the legalization advocates said they would spend 20 million dollars to see it passed, I knew that we needed to form a political action committee (PAC) that would not be limited in spending in efforts to defeat the measure. I had met a few folks from southern California who were in Sacramento for a hearing on a legalization bill in January of this year. I told them of my interest in starting a PAC.
StancoInsider: Tell us about Why was it necessary to start an anti drug website, what is the primary goal and what do you hope to accomplish?
They said they wanted to be involved…thus, Citizens Against Legalizing Marijuana, FPPC # 1326759, an all volunteer organization dedicated to defeating any effort to legalize smoked marijuana in California. As a PAC, we are able, and will spend 100% of our income to these ends. Our first move was to establish a website,, as this would be the primary means of getting our message to potential voters.

Next, my husband agreed to fund the preparation and distribution of brochures that has documented, up to date information about every aspect of the marijuana legalization issue…that smoked marijuana is a complex, highly toxic, addictive, illicit drug under federal law, that legalization will jeopardize the health and safety of our children, neighborhoods, schools, highways, workplace and will have a negative, exponential impact on our State budget crisis.

The only way we can get this message out is through contributions to CALM. The brochures have the information as to how to contribute as does our website. We must use every means possible to reach the undecided voters. We hope to continue printing brochures, and will add bumper stickers and possible mailers depending on our contributions. Please ask everyone to send a check with whatever amount he or she can afford. It is also possible to make a contribution by credit card through Pay Pal on our website.
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StancoInsider: How many people/organizations/groups are involved with CALM?
Carla: We are a committed team. A David and Goliath situation. There are 9 people on the CALM Committee, and at present, about 20 area representatives.
StancoInsider: What would you like readers to know about the upcoming ballot initiative to legalize marijuana?
Carla: Legalization advocates don’t tell the truth: The name of the initiative, which indicates their key talking points “Regulate, Tax and Control Cannabis”, is an outright lie. The State of California is prohibited from taxing or regulating the growing and selling marijuana. This responsibility, as well as enforcing the established regulations will fall to our already over burdened and under funded 416 cities and 58 counties. Legalizers also say taxing marijuana will bring vast revenues to improve our State’s fiscal crisis. The 2009 Rand Corporation Study states that the taxes being projected from legalization will be significantly less than asserted. It will be necessary for the State to pay for the projected increase in use and resulting harm to user and society. In 2005, for every $1 collected in taxes on alcohol and tobacco, almost $14 was spent to repair the vast social damages caused by their use.


A key talking point of the proponents is that legalization will allow enforcement officers to spend more time on serious crimes. The fact is that drugs are implicated in as much as 87% of crime and marijuana is a leading drug of choice. People don’t go to prison for simple possession of marijuana. Only 0.03% of all California prisoners are incarcerated for marijuana possession. Most were in the act of committing a crime or involved in a traffic crash when arrested.