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Veolia Water: Corruption and a Corporate Takeover.
Linda Taylor.
If it's true that California leads the nation, then we better be prepared to defend what is going on in our own back yards. Veolia Water is here. What are we going to do to stop them?
Veolia in California
Atwater, CA. Veolia Water has a long-running contract for ongoing operational efficiencies and energy savings to Northern California project since the early nineties that was renewed in 2000. The total cost is $16,845,000 at an annual cost of $1,123,000. The facility is under a regulatory mandate to update to full tertiary capability, and Veolia Water will operate the new system when it comes online. The contract is for design, build, operate and finance (including a capital investment of $450,000 for a dechlorination system.) Services include: Effluent Reuse, Industrial Pretreatment Program, Land Application Program, Operation and Management of Wastewater Facility.
Burlingame, CA. Veolia Water has the nation's first and longest-running public-private partnership for municipal wastewater facilities. U.S. Filter obtained the contract in 1972, and Veolia bought U.S. Filter in 1999. The contract was renewed in 2008 for a five-year term. The cost is $14,000,000. Services include: Co-Generation of Power, Industrial Pretreatment Program, Land Application Program, Landfill Gas Treatment, Operation and Management of Wastewater Facility, Storm water Pollution Prevention. According to Food and Water Watch, San Francisco Baykeeper brought a suit against Burlingame in 2008, accusing Veolia of dumping more than 10 million gallons of wastewater and untreated sewage over a 5 year period into the San Francisco Bay . Although the city and Veolia had begun a $120 million improvement project, Baykeeper alleged the improvements were inadequate and the city settled out of court by agreeing to further upgrade treatment capacity.
Discovery Bay, CA. Discovery Bay renewed an Operate and Manage contract in 2011 for five years with Veolia Water. The total cost is $2,200,000 at an annual cost of $440,000.
Fremont, CA. Veolia Environmental Services focus on industrial services in Benicia, Signal Hill, Vacaville and Fremont. Veolia Environmental Services focus on technical solutions in Azusa, Fremont, Huntington Beach, Richmond, Sacramento and San Diego.

Los Angeles, CA. Through District Energy (Heating and Cooling), Veolia Energy's district energy networks provide heating and cooling to customers in downtown Los Angeles and Century City. Through Facility Operations and Management, Veolia Energy provides facility operations and management services to a major motion picture studio and an entertainment, retail and hotel complex. The scope of services include: central plant O&M (chilled water plant and electric generation); building automation system; heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC); mechanical system; electrical system; fountains; general building maintenance and maintenance library. Customers include: office buildings; Hollywood retail and entertainment complex; movie studio for animation production; convention facility with a 640-room hotel; art deco hotel; professional sports arena and healthcare institution. Through the Foothill Transit team in the greater Los Angeles area, Veolia has unveiled the world's first heavy-duty, fast charging electric bus, The Ecoliner at its Pomona Operations Yard. SuperShuttle is now a subsidiary of Veolia, accordingly, SuperShuttle of Los Angeles is now under Veolia operation.
Novato, CA. In 2009, Veolia water narrowly won a publically contested five-year contract to own, maintain and manage a new $90 million wastewater treatment plant in Novato. The total cost is $15,600,000. They will go to bid to extend this to a twenty-year contract.There's a campaign against Veolia in Novato.