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In October of 2013, The American Civil Liberties Union of California announced that Lt. Governor Gavin Newsom had convened a blue ribbon panel to produce a strategy to legalize marijuana outright.  Panel members are not “leading legal, academic and policy experts” , as the ACLU press statement asserted. Each member of Newsom’s panel are a known marijuana legalization advocates working to undermine our drug laws and con the general public into believing panel members are drug policy experts as opposed to the truth that they are merely paid shills. Each profiting off their association with George Soros.
Lt. Governor Gavin Newsom Betrays California Citizens.
Let’s take a closer look at panel members.
1. Chair: Gavin Newsom, Lt. Governor of California, outspoken advocate for ‘medical’ marijuana and the legalization of it. Highest ranking elected official in CA on record calling for legalizing marijuana. He has a history of working to undermine our drug laws and  has been associated with pro legalization advocates for many years. Lt. Governor Gavin Newsom is using his position to further the agenda of marijuana groups funded by cartel drug money and in return the money is funding Newsom’s political ambitions. Debra Saunders naively suggested in an op/ed titled "Newsom turns a new leaf on marijuana" that Newsom flip flopped on the subject of marijuana legalization, yet his connection to pro drug advocates go back as far as the 1990’s and campaign contributions prove it. Newsom simply waited for the right time to announce his support. When the Lt. Governor of our state convenes a panel to legalize a harmful drug, a drug known to cause serious, irreversible harm, we must ensure his political ambitions end at Lt. Governor.  This disturbing effort by Newsom to intentionally and knowingly inflict harm on families, neighborhoods and communities across this state is one we must not ignore. Lt. Governor Gavin Newsom is violating his oath of office and the constitutional rights of millions of California residents by his own actions. 
2. Ben Tulchin: Tulchin Research. Tulchin released a poll saying 65% of voters want marijuana legalized. Ben Tulchin himself conducted the poll. Tulchin is a longtime friend and loyalist of Gavin Newsom‘s. In fact Tulchin claims to work for Gavin Newsom and recommends Newsom's book "Citizenville", on their website.  Tulchin has a vested interest in making sure the polls are in favor of marijuana legalization. Isn’t that why Newsom appointed him to the panel in the first place? Newsom not only appointed his own yes men to this panel but they are producing polls in favor of marijuana legalization. In my opinion, it's possible that  Ben Tulchin committed fraud and that our Lt. Govenor knew about it. No other poll has claimed 65% of the public is in favor of marijuana legalization, because it’s not true.
3. Marsha Rosenbaum: Director Emerita of the Drug Policy Alliance. She wrote a children’s book titled “It‘s just a plant”, it teaches children how to use marijuana safely. The Drug Policy Alliance, were key proponents behind Prop 215, 36, NORA, and Prop 19. She also co authored a book on MDMA (ecstasy).  She is an adviser for Students for Sensible Drug Policy (A pro drug group),  Rosenbaum is a partner with Democracy Alliance. A secretive progressive group dedicated to influencing politics and putting their candidates in office.  Democracy Alliance is funded by George Soros. The out of state billionaire behind all marijuana legalization efforts in the United States, including the effort in California in 2016. Rosenbaum praised Newsom in the 1990's for his effort to provide methadone to heroin addicts.
4. Tamar Todd: Attorney for the Drug Policy Alliance; also helped draft marijuana ballot initiatives and legislation in WA and CO. The Drug Policy Alliance is funded primarily from George Soros, receiving more then 16 million since 2005. George Soros is on the board of directors.
5. Craig Reinarman: University of California, Santa Cruz; - adviser for The Drug Policy Alliance.
6. Alison Holcomb: Architect and campaign manager for Washington state’s I-502 marijuana ballot initiative. She was given the "Justice Gerald Le Dain Award for Achievement in the Field of Law" from the Drug Policy Alliance in 2013. In May of 2014 Alice was a panelist along with the Drug Policy Alliance at a "Leadership Summit"  titled "Challenges of Implementing Legalization". Holcomb joined the ACLU of Washington in 2006. Holcomb is now leading an ACLU campaign to end “mass incarceration” in America, funded by a $50 million grant from George Soros’ Open Society Foundation.
7. Karen O’Keefe: Staff attorney, Marijuana Policy Project. A pro druggie group working to legalize marijuana and funded by George Soros. In an article titled "Has Legalizing Medical Marijuana Led to Increased Drug Abuse among Children and Adolescents?", she denies the harm associated with teen drug use. She claims marijuana use by teens was down 50%. The California State Board of Equalization estimates marijuana use will increase 40% with legalization. Not decrease by 50%. In fact, teen marijuana use is at a 30 year high.
8. Sam Kamin: Law professor, Denver University; appointed to CO Governor’s Task Force on Implementing Measure 64- The legalization of marijuana. He's responsible for the mess in Colorado and now Lt. Governor Gavin Newsom has asked him to bring Colorado’s failed marijuana policies here.
Newsom claims the panel wants to enact a  “strict tax and regulation scheme that will enable California to benefit from billions of dollars of potential revenue annually while protecting the health and safety of our children and communities.” This could not be further from the truth. Colorado tax revenue in the state is dismal at best. Colorado’s own Attorney General said “pot legalization not worth it”. Colorado’s weed czar said marijuana revenue is up in smoke: “Legalizing and taxing marijuana won’t fill potholes or boost the Bay State’s schools.” An article in the New York Times asserts “Marijuana Taxes Won’t Save State Budgets. Proponents projections fall short 42%.” Yet another article by the Colorado Springs Gazette claims “State marijuana taxes dribble in for a handful of Colorado Springs area school districts. It was never going to work, only a few districts are getting a handful of money from the marijuana tax”.
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