"After reading Harris’s Amicus brief regarding the Long Beach case, it is clear she lined up her points with the ACLU and UC professors who have been outspoken pro-marijuana advocates"- said Paul Chabot -Founder-Coaltion Drug Free California.
"First, she didn’t have to submit an Amicus brief – she chose to. Second, by doing so, she’s undermining marijuana laws (CSA). Third, she says that marijuana use is for seriously ill patients. This plays right into the hands of the drug-legalization crowd. Those of us in California know that the 750,000 (estimated) pot ID holders in CA are not seriously ill – in fact, according to a San Diego DA study, less than 2% of pot ID card-holders have a “serious ailment.”
Harris is now on record with this absurd Amicus brief; a real embarrassment for the State of California – but more-so, a troubling sign that California’s Top Cop remains tightly connected to the talking-points of the marijuana industry, and continues to disregard the facts and the will of the cities banning pot stores"- Chabot added.

Corruption: Top Cop Kamala Harris voluntarily writes amicus supporting pot shops.
"Statewide L/E  need to understand that our top cop is working to advance a dangerous agenda. There is no question that organizations that represent and are associated with George Soros paid for her campaign-said Linda Taylor of Coaltion Drug Free California.
"The goal of "medical" marijuana was to open a pandora's box specifically designed to unleash an unprecedented effort to legalize marijuana outright, then in turn, to legalize all illicit drugs. If that is accomplished, Soros and his people are set to take over the illicit drug market. Our top cop is not only helping to push that agenda, she is undermining law enforcements ability and authority to address crime associated with drugs by cutting funding to critical departments and laying off staff whose job it is to protect and serve the people of California. Statewide Law enforcement must begin asking serious questions surrounding Harris' close personal association to drug legalization advocates, George Soros and his direct connections to the Colombian cartel- said Linda Taylor.
Report on Kamala Harris: Narco State California: A model for George Soros' America.


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