Coalition Drug Free California Fires Back at Attorney General Kamala Harris.
Los Angeles, CA - December 6th 2011 - Coalition for a Drug Free California (CDFC) reported last month that California State Attorney General, Kamala Harris has been meeting with pro-marijuana organizations, seeking their advice and input on soon-to-be-released guidelines tying the hands of California law enforcement officers from shutting down pot stores.

Her office has consistently refused to meet with anti-drug coalitions.

CDFC submitted a formal Public Records Request, which by law, requires public agencies to release information.(You can read the California Public Records Act by clicking here)

Specifically, we asked for "records showing the dates and times that Kamala Harris, and/or any of her staff met with pro-marijuana groups to include marijuana dispensary groups, marijuana attorneys, marijuana lobby groups, Drug Policy Alliance, NORML, and other similar groups,etc, to include the names of the groups, the names of the persons from the AG office and the names of the individuals they met with."

Harris's office initially delayed beyond the 10-day response deadline requesting additional time to review the request.

A letter received this week, dated, November 22nd, denied our request for the public records You can download a copy of the denial by clicking here.

CDFC is highly concerned and believe the State Attorney General is violating the Public Records Act. The CDFC request simply wanted to confirm what our sources have told us - that the Attorney General was, indeed meeting often with pro-marijuana groups, to help with the formulation of soon-to-be-released- pot-store enforcement guidelines.

Sources have told CDFC that Kamala Harris's staff have used state-offices, including those within the Bureau of Narcotic Enforcement to meet with pro-marijuana lobby organizations.

Before Harris was elected as California's top-cop, she was the District Attorney in San Francisco. During her tenure, she penned an editorial favoring marijuana, stating, "...We will not prosecute people who use or sell marijuana for medicinal purposes...I formed, and have been meeting with, a medical marijuana advisory group a group of leaders from the medical marijuana community whom I have asked to advise me and to discuss community impacts." Read the entire editorial by clicking here

Dr. Paul Chabot, Founder of the Coalition for a Drug Free California stated, "We are very concerned to learn that the State's 'Top Cop' - the Attorney General, is refusing to release basic public records, in accordance with the law. It appears she is indeed secretly meeting with drug legalization advocates and shunning parents, youth, teachers and law enforcement."

A link between Harris and pro-drug organizational money supporting her run in 2010 for State Attorney General is of great concern. "I am outraged that Attorney General Kamala Harris has refused our public records request for information on her association with the pro drug lobby, including individuals and organizations that are working to legalize marijuana outright. Her refusal to answer questions surrounding the use of state offices, including those within the Bureau of Narcotic Enforcement to meet with pro pot advocates is absolutely unacceptable." said Linda Taylor with the Coalition for a Drug Free California. "My research has confirmed a link between her campaign contributions and the pro marijuana lobby!"

CDFC is requesting assistance from the media and the public. Her office's pro-marijuana stance will harm California's communities and youth.

****Breaking - State Attorney General's Office is significantly reducing the size of the California Bureau of Narcotic Enforcement effective January 1st.****

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