In 2009 Soros bought extensive shares in a company called "Activision"  SHELBY D. ROBINSON-ACTIVISION. Director of Human Resources
$250.00 donation. Transaction # 1438619-INC1134.
There's another campaign contribution to Kamala Harris from T.Y. LIN INTERNATIONAL, San Francisco, $5,000 donation. T. Y. Lin International is connected to The Swig Company.  The Swig Company also owns Swig Equites located in New York and Kent Swig heads up that operation, as well as other Swig family holdings in New York. Kent Swig is President of Swig Equities. I found an article that lists properties owned by Swig Equities. One of them is located at 110 William Street, in New York. This link lists the tenant of that address as T. Y. Lin International. It isn't a new lease, it's a renewal.
There is a donation to Kamala's campaign from a woman named Wanda Felton, she is suppose to work for a company called Map Capital Advisors. WANDA FELTON, MAP CAPITAL ADVISORS LLC, Brooklyn New York, $1,000 donation. Transaction number: 1438619-INC1002. The problem with this donation is that Map Capital Advisors doesn't exist in Brooklyn New York, or anywhere in the United States. There is a company called Map Captial Advisors but they only have two offices, one in Sydney, and one in Melbourne, Australia. Listed on Map Capital Advisors Australia's  Executive team is a guy named John Vatovec. He's listed on their website as a "Joint Managing Director", but on his LinkedIn page he's listed as an "owner" .
On his bio information he lists George Soros as a former employer.

Kamala Harris opts out of foreclosure settlement talks:
Because campaign contributions to Attorney General Kamala Harris are linked to George Soros and the pro drug lobby, there is reason to question an important decision Ms. Harris recently made.

On October 18th Ms Harris’s office delivered a subpoena to Bank of America Corp based in Charlotte North Carolina and their Country Wide financial unit. The s...ubpoena followed a decision made by Harris to withdraw from talks among state officials, the U.S. Department of Justice and the five largest mortgage handlers in the foreclosure scandal.

The attorney’s general of all 50 states announced last year they were investigating the foreclosure practices of banks following disclosure that faulty documents were being used to seize homes. Potentially illegally. The attorney’s general are negotiating a settlement, and  Ms. Harris has opted out of these negotiations.

Ms. Harris’s campaign contributions clearly establish a link between her and the pro drug lobby, specifically George Soros and Ethan Nadelmann.

George Soros owns millions of dollars in stock in Bank Of America,Countrywide Financial, Wells Fargo, and JP Morgan Chase.

Attorney General Kamala Harris has made a decision that will delay any settlement opportunities for thousands of homeowners that were illegally foreclosed upon.

Attorney General Kamala Harris at least has a conflict of interest in this matter and should not have the authority to withdraw from these negotiations, despite her contention that she withdrew from talks on behalf of the people of California.

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