In a stunning turn of events, Attorney General Kamala Harris is now refusing to release information through a public records request from Coalition Drug free California. The public record's request was in response to information CDFC obtained from confidential sources that Kamala Harris's staff have used state-offices, including those within the Bureau of Narcotic Enforcement to meet with pro-marijuana lobby organizations.
CDFC submitted a Public Records Act Request to the California Department of Justice for all information, including names, organizations, locations and staff members who have met with marijuana organizations, in regards to marijuana issues, since Harris took office.
CDFC allies have researched Harris's campaign donations and confirm links to drug legalization advocates.
The request asked for the names of individuals and organizations Harris has been meeting with seeking their advice and input on soon-to-be-released guidelines tying the hands of California law enforcement officers from shutting down pot stores.
Read Harris's Public Records Request response here.
Read CDFC's original press release here.
Attorney General Kamala Harris refuses public records request.
Contributions made to Harris's campaign for Attorney General:
 A $250.00 donation from Oakland attorney Randy Sue Pollock.  She's listed as a "marijuana attorney" on 420 Magazines website which you can find here. She's also listed as a speaker at a NORML (National Organization For the Reform of Marijuana Laws) event here.
There are four contributions totaling more than $11,000.00 from one family. The Swig Family.

1. Roselyn Swig-$5,000.00 donation. Donation Transaction # 1438619-INC1284

2. Marjorie Swig- $5,000.00 donation. Donation Transaction # 1438619-INC1283

3. Susan Watkins Swig-  $1,000.00 donation. Donation Transaction # 1438619-INC1286

4. Patricia Dinner- The Swig Company- $250.00 Donation Transaction # 1438619-INC1314
Roselyn Swig is a board member of NPR. You can find that info here. George Soros, the primary funder behind Prop 215-medical marijuana, Proposition 36- the get out jail free card, and Proposition 19- the full legalization of marijuana,   donated 1.8 million dollars to NPR.
Marjorie, Roselyn, and Susan Swig are very actively involved with “Human Rights Watch”.  In fact Roselyn's daughter in law-Darian Swig is the Founder  and President of "Article3Advisors"...a group that specializes in advising philanthropists and others interested in furthering the goals of Human Rights Watch. George Soros donated 100 million dollars to Human Rights Watch, click here.
Susan Swig is a Trustee for the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art. Kamala Harris is a mentor for the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art. Click here for a bio on Kamala.
There are two campaign donations totaling $13,000.00 from Ron Meyer and his wife Kelly. Ron Meyer is the COO of Universal Studios and NBC Universal. In 2009 Universal was working on a deal to merge with Comcast. The Penny King offered to buy Universal for 5 billion dollars, in a joint venture with George Soros. Here's a link confirming the merger. Here's a link confirming George Soros doubled his holdings in Comcast in anticipation of the merger.
Prior to Ron Meyer taking the position as COO of Universal he was a long time agent with William Morris. There are two donations from William Morris to Kamala's campaign totaling $1,250.00.
KEVIN MURRAY-WILLIAM MORRIS AGENCY. $1,000.00 donation. Donation Transaction number: 1438619-INC1102

NICOLE DAVID-WILLIAM MORRIS. $250.00 donation. Donation transaction # 1438619-INC1221
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