These men are attempting to persuade the world that they are working towards legalization in an effort to put cartels out of business,  yet their strategy points to something entirely different, in fact I believe the true goal here is -to protect the cartels and their fortunes.  If we legalize drugs it will open up new markets, create new users in areas never before possible. Who better to provide the product than a cartel?  If drugs are legal, cartels can legally sell them to an ever expanding market, without any fear or any laws to stand in their way. Perhaps George Soros wants to become a cartel boss himself.
Do you remember who George Soros is? He owns Quantum Fund a tax shelter registered in the Netherlands Antilles, in the Caribbean. He avoids paying taxes and hides the true nature of his investors and what he does with their money. In order to avoid U.S. government supervision Soros moved his legal headquarters to this Caribbean tax haven. The Netherlands Antilles has repeatedly been cited by the Task Force on Money Laundering of the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD) as one of the world's most important centers for laundering illegal proceeds of a Latin American  drug cartel.
In October of 2010, the Open Society Media Program,  along with The knight Center for Journalism in the America's at the University of Austin Texas, gathered a group of more than 50 journalists and academics to teach journalists how to report on organized crime. The two day event was held at Austin University and it wasn't their first event, it was their 8th. The results of this meeting was turned into an E-Book, and it's available on the Knight Centers website. There's also a report called  "Coverage of Drug Trafficking and Organized Crime in Latin America and the Caribbean."  listed on Soros's website here.
Here is what some of the speakers had to say about covering drug trafficking in latin America. Ricardo Trotti-Director of the Impunity Project at the University of Miami-Page 7 of the report. "Drugs and organized crime are increasingly becoming globalized enterprises.... Covering drugs and crime with police reporters means a superficial focus on the latest killings and not an examination of the more profound stories of corruption and poverty."
Tyler Bridges: Page 6."Authorites make a big drug bust in latin America. They seize a haul of drugs and nab a big fish. A newspapers police reporter covers the story and trumpets the authorites claim that they have dealt a mortal blow to a notorious drug cartel. Politicians hail the good news." This conference included tough self appraisals that cited the shortcomings of journalists in covering complicated stories involving organized crime. 

The purpose of the Austin meetings are to teach journalists not to cover the horror, the truth about drug traffickers and cartels but to downplay the harm- ie, Harm Reduction Strategy. How many journalists over an 8 year period have been taught to downplay the violence? Maybe this explains how Soros is able to manipulate the media. He "teaches" them what to do and say.
Global Commission on Drug Policy. A veritable who's who in drug legalization with a dangeorus strategy.
Here's more on Soros link to the media.

The Stanislaus County Insider

Why? Why would this group of men want to legalize all drugs knowing that it will have devastating consequences on communities around the world?  What are they trying to accomplish? 
How are they able to manipulate the media into helping with their agenda?
I think the answer to these questions and more can be found back at the beginning of this article with a report written by Bernardo Sorj- “Drugs and Democracy, Toward a Paradigm Shift”, In February of this year the “Latin American Commission on Drugs and Democracy” presented its main findings on how to legalize all drugs.  El Tiempo, Colombia’s leading newspaper announced with an editorial they welcomed  the commission as an effort to end “repressive strategies” against production as well as consumption of illegal drugs. Isn’t that a strange thing to say if the goal of The Drug Policy Alliance and George Soros was to help the ‘sick and dying'? Wasn’t that the point of Prop 215?  No, it wasn’t,  and this should tell you exactly what the real agenda is. The Commission was headed by former Colombian President César Gaviria who has very close ties to George Soros. Here’s a quote from the report: “According to today's declaration, the anti-drug strategy pursued in the region over the past 30 years has failed and the situation is growing worse by the day. The Commission argues that it is time to move away from the prohibitionist policies of the past and the --criminalization of consumption-- and move toward more efficient drug policies."