Global Commission on Drug Policy's report titled "Global War on Drugs has failed" is a sham.
Martin Jelsma continued.
In 1995 Jelsma initiated and has since coordinated TNI's- (Transnational Institute) Drugs & Democracy Program in the Netherlands, which focuses on drugs in the Andean/Amazon region, Burma/Myanmar and Afghanistan, and on the analysis and dialogues around international drug policy making processes. (with a special focus on undermining and defeating UN drug control policies). Jelsma was a Fellow at the Transnational Institute, and is listed as a partner for this organization.
Jelsma is also listed as an advisor for the Beckley Foundation
From the Buckley Foundation’s goals page- “to gain recognition that altered states of consciousness – including those produced by certain drugs – can be beneficial as well as hazardous and can be used for medicinal and therapeutic purposes.”
He wrote two support papers to the "Latin American Commission on Drugs and Democracy"- “The current state of drug policy debate trends in the last decade in the European Union and United Nations”, April 2008; and “Legislative Innovation in Drug Policy”, October 2009.
4. MikeTrace.
Mike Trace is chair of the 'International Drug Policy Consortium' and is touted in the report as the former deputy UK drug czar. However, Trace was forced to resign his position after only 8 weeks. His resignation followed the release of information from documents obtained by the Hassela Nordic Network, a Swedish-based group opposed to liberalization of drug laws, which showed that Trace was involved in an operation, funded by George Soros, to undermine the international conventions on drug-trafficking.
From the International Drug Policy Consotium 'About Us" page: "The International Drug Policy Consortium (IDPC) is a global organization that specialize in issues related to the production and use of controlled drugs" On this website's 'donor' page, it's lists the Open Society Institute.
5. Ethan Nadelmann
George Soros hand picked Ethan Nadelmann to run the Lindesmith Center in 1994. The Lindesmith Center became the Drug Policy Alliance in 2000 and Nadelmann serves as it's Executive Director. Over a several year period beginning in 2003 Senator Mark Leno took thousands of dollars from this group, while working on their behalf. The Drug Policy Alliance are the proponents behind California's Prop 215.  In fact Nadelmann hired political strategist Bill Zimmerman  (the guy who takes credit for the "General Betrayus' ads for, to replace Dennis Peron as manager of the Prop 215 campaign. Nadelmann with Soros money, funded the signature drive to get the proposition on the ballot. That was only the beginning. The Drug Policy Alliance were also the proponents behind Proposition 36- the decriminalization of drugs, and basicly a get out jail free card. They told us our jails were filled with 'non violent' drug offenders who just needed treatment. Prop 36 offenders are anything but 'non violent' drug offenders most have numerous prior arrests, some as many as 9-10,  with 3-4 felony convictions. Prop 36 was simply a strategy to decriminalize drug use, some sales and possession, by allowing those convicted to use 'treatment' to get out of jail.  In Stanislaus County Prop 36 participants have an 85 percent failure rate.
So we know that every one of these men have ulterior motives, they are certainly not independent, unbiased sources of information, in fact we know they are intricately connected to numerous organizations with one particular agenda and one person financing it all- George Soros.
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