On June 2, a group calling themselves the ‘Global Commission on Drug Policy’ released a 20 page report titled ‘Global war on Drugs has failed.’ The writers claim that it’s time to legalize not only marijuana but all drugs. What may appear to be a respected group of drug experts, turns out to be nothing more than a veritable who’s who of drug legalization advocates.
The information provided in the report  was hand written by member’s of this commission. Isn’t that clever? If you can’t find real evidence to support your statements,  why not just pay someone to make it up  and then use it to make it appear as if the information was provided by an independent, legitimate and credible source. The information provided in the report titled “Global war on drugs has failed” is nothing more then their own propaganda, impeccably designed to fool the public. Every member of the ‘Global Commission on Drug Policy’ is unmistakably linked to George Soros.
Let me introduce you to the men who wrote this report:
1. Bernardo Sorj:
Bernardo is listed as a Secretariat, not only on this commissions report, but on a report titled  “Drugs and Democracy-Toward A Paradigm Shift.” This report is also listed on “soros.org”. Bernardo is also the Director of a group called “Plataforma Democratica” and listed on this groups “About Us” page, you will see that George Soros’s organization “Open Society Institute” is listed as a “supporter”. Also listed on the “About us” page, is a  “founding institution” called “The Edelstein Center for Social Research”,  Bernardo Sorj is on the Board of Directors of this organization as well. Small world isn’t it? Well hold on, it’s about to get even smaller.
Several advisors listed on the “The Edelstein Center for Social Research” are also directly linked to George Soros, including Simon Schwartzman from Brazil, as well as Hernan Galperin.
Here’s a letter sent out by Sorj on behalf of an organization called “Drugs and Democracy”. Sorj is on the board of Directors of this group too: If you scroll down you will find the letter “Dear Colleagues” in English.
The letter refers to yet another group calling themselves "The Latin American Commission on Drugs and Democracy”  and this organization is directly linked to George Soros. If you click on ‘sponsors, you will see that the Open Society Institute, Platforma Democratica, and Edelstein Center for Social Research, are clearly listed.
2. Dr. Alex Wodak.
Alex is past President of the International Harm Reduction Association (sound familiar?) from 1996 to 2004. He established the first needle giveaway program in 1986 and the first injection center in Australia in 1999. Alex Wodak helped establish the National Drug and Alcohol Research Centre and the Australian needle giveaway annual survey. This is the same guy who wants to sell Australians marijuana from the post office.
Wodak is President of the “Australian drug law reform foundation”. On their website's "news/research" page, there is an organization listed under "Drug law reform websites" called "The alcohol and other drugs council (ADCA)" , Wodak is on this groups board of directors. The Chief Executive Officer of this group-David Templeman has written articles condemning the drug czar, harm reduction and legalizaing marijuana. Wodak receives grant money from George Soros’s Open Society Institute.
Here's another article on Wodak.
3. Martin Jelsma.
In 2005, he received the “Alfred R. Lindesmith Award for Achievement in the Field of Scholarship“. The Lindesmith Center became The Drug Policy Alliance. Jelsma was given the award for  being recognized "as one of, if not the, outstanding strategists in terms of how international institutions deal with drugs and drug policy."  In other words he was honored by the Drug Policy Alliance for his outstanding work in selling an agenda to the general public.
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Global Commission on Drug Policy. A veritable who's who in drug legalization with a dangeorus strategy.


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