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Coalition for a Drug Free California Blasts State’s Failed Leadership.
CALIFORNIA - September 13th 2010 - The Coalition for a Drug Free California blasts the State of California for failing to enforce laws already on the books which could protect our State from the fraud of so-called medical pot.

 Roger Morgan, Executive Director of CDFC stated, “We would like to know why the California state government has turned a blind eye to the hoax of “medical marijuana.” 2008 California Sherman Food, Drug and Cosmetic Law defines the conditions for manufacturing, packaging, labeling, advertising and selling drugs and food. Marijuana is being sold as both, yet the governments we pay to protect us don’t enforce the law.”

Marijuana is a Schedule I drug because it is addictive, harmful and has no currently accepted medical use. Legal medicines have known ingredients, dosage and potency, must be free of contamination and consistent in content from batch to batch. Smoked marijuana can’t meet these standards. The normal potency ranges from 10% to 21% THC (20 to 30 times stronger than the 70’s) and in some confiscated samples, the pesticide levels were 1400 times the legal limit for foods and pharmaceuticals. Additionally, on June 19, 2009, the state of California added marijuana smoke to its Prop 65 list of chemicals that are known to cause cancer.

The Sherman Act states that each manufacturing operation must be licensed and inspected by the Health Department. It is misbranded (illegal) if all advertisements and descriptive matter do not include a true statement showing: quantitatively each ingredient of the drug; the name and place of manufacturer; and the side effects. The unmentioned side effects include chronic bronchitis, lung cancer, testicular cancer, birth defects, impaired cognition and memory loss, mental illness, permanent brain damage in adolescents, elevated risk of heart attack, depression, loss of motivation and productivity, and impaired driving ability.

The Sherman Act also stipulates that labeling must bear all of the following information: adequate directions for use; adequate warnings against use in pathological conditions or by children where its use may be dangerous to health; and adequate warnings against unsafe dosage. The Sherman act stipulates a drug is illegal if it is dangerous to health when used in the dosage, or with the frequency or duration prescribed. Pot docs, just in it for the money, issue open recommendations for 12 months with no stipulations for dosage, potency, frequency or duration of use … and no restriction on buying from multiple dispensaries.

“The two most important responsibilities of the state and federal government are to protect people and intelligently manage our tax dollars. They aren’t doing either. Instead they are fostering the proliferation of a narcotic that leads to death, destroys our youth and future, and inflicts a huge social and economic burden on taxpayers,” said Morgan.

 Dr. Paul Chabot, Founder of CDFC stated, “Californians are at risk when the legislature and Attorney General look the other way. We are working with hundreds of organizations to demand government action, and, if necessary, to sue the State for endangering its citizens. This medical pot nonsense must end now.”