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Marijuana has now been shown not to just have relationship with schizophrenia and paranoia, but to actually cause it. Age of first use, frequency of use, and potency all play a part.. Today’s pot averages 10.4% THC and ranges as high as 37%, compared to .05% to 3% 30 years ago. That explains why pot is a factor in over 290,000 emergency room visits. While budget constraints have reduced the number of mental health facilities dramatically, marijuana is creating more mentally ill people. One-third of prisoners meet the criteria for mental illness.
The death rate from marijuana related traffic accidents alone has doubled since SB420, from 631 in the five years before compared to 1240 deaths in the five years since SB420.

Team Soros and the DPA have now recruited Sting and Montel Williams to champion the cause of civil rights, the freedom for one to use narcotics. We all like our freedoms, but since we don’t live in isolation on an island, the unspoken caveat must be “in the absence of harm to others.” In reality, there is no absence of harm with drugs. Even if one chooses to overdose, society has an economic interest from years of education, the justice system, traffic, welfare and in many cases a child left behind … not to mention the pain inflicted on loved ones. And today’s high potency pot is no longer “just pot.”

Marijuana adversely affects memory, motivation, maturation and academic achievement which undoubtedly accounts for much of California’s 24.2% high school drop out rate which costs California taxpayers $46.2 billion a year ($392,000 per drop out.) 80% of prison inmate crimes involved drugs and alcohol. 80% of prisoners are high school drop outs and one-third are mentally ill. Addicts average 100 crimes a year according to General McCaffrey, former Drug Czar. Worker productivity ranges from welfare to diminished capacity and higher absenteeism. 6.1 million children are being raised by grandparents or in foster homes, and roughly 10% of drivers are impaired, creating a safety hazard for everyone. All told, marijuana and other drugs impose roughly a $100 billion burden on the California budget.

The Drug Policy Alliance, campaigning for “New Directions” in drug policy, says the War On Drugs cannot be won; that drug use and addiction should be treated as a health problem; not a criminal problem. The reality is, it is both, but doesn’t have to be either because it is preventable. Instead of championing the cause of prevention, Soros and the DPA have campaigned all over America to convince schools not to use the best and perhaps only tool to keep kids off drugs until their brain is no longer vulnerable: non-punitive random drug testing. But, neither they nor the government that they have bought want to prevent the disease that leads to over 3,000 overdose deaths monthly, because there is too much money involved.

The DPA sponsored a children’s book called “It’s Just a Plant” to socially engineer young children into believing that there is no harm to smoking marijuana, to set the stage to inflict the disease of addiction on more kids, where the problem almost always starts. They promote needle exchange, knowing it has never worked anywhere, and safe crack pipes, so addicts won’t cut their lips and incur a sexually transmitted disease. They teach “responsible use” of illicit drugs to children, a term later replaced by “harm reduction.”

Regarding the harm to mankind from his actions promoting drugs, Soros stated to Mike Wallace, “I am only in it for the money. I am not and cannot be concerned about the social consequences of my actions.” Amen to that. It is too bad there are so many like him. If you don’t care about the social consequences of what you do, then anything goes. You might as well rob banks, or beat your spouse. What the heck.

Jim McNeill of the Canada Free Press nailed it when he said: “…If George Soros isn’t the world’s preeminent malignant Messianic Narcissist, he’ll do until the real thing comes along. His conduct has been immoral, duplicitous, and traitorous. Stripping Soros of his U.S. citizenship, should be one of the first steps taken …. no matter the cost, the nest of vipers on Capitol Hill, and all of the traitors in the government at large, must be brought to task for their behavior, or a free America is doomed. “
Who is the Drug Policy Alliance?
George Soros says “I am the Drug Policy Alliance.”
So who is George Soros? The essence of evil!
By Roger Morgan.
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