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Who is the Drug Policy Alliance?
George Soros says “I am the Drug Policy Alliance.”
So who is George Soros? The essence of evil!
By Roger Morgan.
Soros is a sociopath who uses his $9 billion net worth, and the money that flows through him, to destroy our youth, and in turn the future of our nation. He functions worldwide as the spearhead for the illicit drug trade, using his vast wealth to keep the illicit drugs flowing; killing, destroying and inflicting enormous economic harm on societies throughout the world.

Soros is a Hungarian Jew by birth, born in 1930. At age 12, his father placed him with a Christian family when the Nazi’s invaded stating he was their godson.
Thereafter, he collaborated with the Nazi’s to identify other Jews so their property could be confiscated as they were sent to gas chambers. Asked by Mike Wallace on 60 minutes if he had any remorse, he responded “…None! In fact, 1944 was the best year of my life.”

Soros was educated at the London School of Economics, studying under fellow atheist Karl Popper, who was his mentor until his death in 1994. One of Popper’s most influential teachings was “the open society”, precursor no doubt to Soros’s own Open Society Institute. ‘Open Society” basically refers to social engineering and democratic social reform.

Soros moved to New York in 1956 and worked on Wall Street, specializing in hedge funds and currency speculation, where he started to amass his fortune. In 1992, by shorting the British pound with billions in financial bets, he became known as the man who broke the Bank of England on the backs of citizens who saw their homes devalued and life savings cut drastically.

Soros purportedly has made his billions in currency speculation. But according to LaRouche Associates , he also manages $500 billion to $1 trillion a year in illicit drug revenues for Dope Inc., through his offshore Quantum Fund in the Netherland Antilles. Dope Inc., according to LaRouche, is tied to the highest levels of government in the UK and US.

There is also considerable evidence of his ties with cartels in Colombia with the Gilinski family and the Eagle National Bank of South Florida, which was essentially owned by the cartels, along with Gilinski and Soros.

Soros openly admits he helped engineer coups in Slovakia, Croatia, Georgia and Yugoslavia. He was convicted of insider trading in France and fined $2.9 million, and fined $2.2 million in his native Hungary for illegal market manipulation. The Prime Minister of Malaysia called Soros a “villain and a moron. We regard Soros as a kind of Dracula. He sucks the blood from the people.”

According to Dennis Small, journalist for Lyndon LaRouche’s EIR, “…..the drug trade is the marker of humanity’s descent into a New Dark Age. ….. Millions of peasants in drug-producing countries, such as Afghanistan or Bolivia, have become de facto work slaves of the cartels”

It is no different in our National Forests, where Mexican illegal aliens are put to work guarding the pot plantations, with a threat that their families will be assassinated in Mexico if the squeal. The huge rise of global consumption of high potency, highly addictive pot is evidence of the phenomenon.

Soros and his legions are best evidenced in America by his organization the Drug Policy Alliance (DPA), headed by Ethan Nadelmann. They are on a full court press to legalize all drugs, starting with the hoax of “medical marijuana” and calling for so-called “harm reduction”, deceptive policies used to dupe the America public. Check the chronology:

• 1979 – Keith Stroup of NORML (another Soros backed organization) tells an audience at Emory
University they will use the term “medical marijuana” as a red herring to give pot a good name, as a first step toward full legalization.

• 1989 – Ethan Nadelmann declared “…Political institutions are no longer tied to the public, and
once news media joins the battle the combination of media and political support for legalization will demoralize the public. “ ( The New Federalist Nov 10, 1989)

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