Dear Tom.

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I was just thinking about how happy I feel right now. You failed, and it’s made my week.  Don’t get me wrong, I’m not usually one to revel in another’s  shortcomings but I have to tell you, when I  heard the news I smiled and quietly said to myself…thank God. I do thank God that you along with three of your Public Safety Committee comrades were cut off from attempting to produce a marijuana smoking super race, where clones would look like Woody Allen, act like Anna Nicole Smith and every neighborhood in the State would become a drug induced red light district. 
The problem I’m having with you Tom is your whiny intolerance for anyone that doesn’t want to live their lives in some psychedelic bubble, using catch phrases like “Peace, love, dope.”  “If it feels good, do it”, is not a way to live one’s life Tom, it’s a jolting reminder of shooting galleries, needle strewn playgrounds, and the AIDS epidemic, and please don’t go ask Alice, she’s busy chasing rabbits and talking to imaginary hookah smoking caterpillars and must I remind you that all of this counterculture garbage went obsolete prior to 8 track tapes.
Tom, do you remember what the dormouse said? He said…feed your head, not with marijuana but with the knowledge and the wisdom to know that there is a whole other world out there who will not tolerate you or anyone else forcing their idiotic ideology onto us. 
How about this…what happens in San Francisco, stays in San Francisco.  There’s no need to dictate policy to the entire state. If you continue, I will rise to the occasion and fight you every step of the way with a little help from my friends, of course.
Peace out.
Linda Taylor.
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