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4. Campaign Contributions to Appointed Attorney General Xavier Becerra's 2018 Campaign for Attorney General.
2. Update: Congressman Josh Harder Campaign Contributions.

3. For Turlock Mayor Amy Bublak.....On 6-14-2018  Amy received a political contribution from H Patrick Swygert. Mitchellville Maryland. $500.00

Haywood Patrick Swygert (born March 17, 1943) was the president of Howard University in Washington, DC until 2008. He’s on the advisory council for the Smithsonian Institute’s African American History and Culture, and on the board of Trustee’s Eisenhower Fellowships. Swygert is a member of Omega Psi Phi Fraternity. He's a member of the Central Intelligence Agency'sExternal Advisory Board. In 2006, as a Director at Fannie Mae, he took large kickbacks from Fannie Mae CEO Franklin Raines. (As a result he resigned his position at Howard University in 2008.) Shareholders filed a suit claiming there was $12 million paid to Directors charitable organizations to ignore Raines' $10 billion dollar cooking the books scandal. Raines was ordered to pay 24.7 million to settle the Fannie Mae lawsuit.

Swygert was also a Director at United Technologies Corporation. According to SEC documents, they too were caught cooking the books for the sale of fighter jet engines. He's a friend of Barack Obama and Oprah Winfrey. Oprah gave the commencement speech at Howard University while Swygert was President.

So why would this guy donate to a conservative candidate running for Mayor of Turlock? Unless of course there's actually 2 men named H. Patrick Swygert from Mitchellville Maryland. One a liberal with ties to the White House, and the other a conservative that cares about getting Amy Bublak elected Mayor of Turlock, or maybe the donation is fake? You decide.

The donation is listed on the page dated 3-26-18 to 6-30-18.

1. Governor Gavin newsom's largest campaign contributor the SEIU