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Narco- State California:
A Model for George Soros' America

Coalition Drug Free California continues
efforts to obtain public records from
Attorney General.
Coalition Drug Free California
Fires Back at Attorney General
Kamala Harris.
Corruption: Top Cop Kamala Harris
voluntarily writes Amicus
supporting pot shops.
Attorney General Influenced by drug money.
Attorney General Kamala Harris
 refuses public records request.
Coalition Drug Free California
 Blasts Stateís Failed
Q&A with our top cop-
Sheriff Adam Christianson.
A new study released by U.C Davis found an alarming connection between organophosphates and neurological delays in fetuses and children, even at low levels of exposure. 
Highly Toxic MARIJUANA
The study found that women living within a mile of  agricultural fields that are sprayed with pesticides were much more likely to have children who are developmentally delayed and autistic, but itís not just agricultural crops that are soaked in pesticides. The marijuana boon is creating itís own casualties. Pesticides commonly used on marijuana are Phosmet, Diazinon, and Avid.  
Marijuana use damages
brain neurotransmitters
Pesticides commonly used on
marijuana linked to Autism.
The scam known as
 'medical' marijuana.
Who is the Drug Policy Alliance?
San Francisco's
Emerald Triangle
Pesticides commonly used on marijuana linked to Autism.
According to the Department of Justice, in 2013 there were 2,447 domestic violence related calls in Stanislaus County. The actual number of domestic violence incidents are closer to 10 times that amount. In fact 2/3rds of domestic violence victims do not call police. Some victims are afraid to call and are threatened with violence if they do.  If non life threatening injuries occur and someone should happen to see it the victim often comes up with excuses that seem credible without raising a red flag.
It is only when the victim is away from the abuser, sure that he can no longer harm her that she feels safe enough to talk about the abuse and may be willing to involve law enforcement, but this depends on the level of fear the abuser has instilled.   Domestic violence is a pattern of behavior that includes psychological, verbal, physical and/or sexual abuse.
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Q&A with community and anti drug activist Linda Taylor
By Lewis Davis
Q. Tell me about yourself.
 A. Well, Iím a long time community and anti drug activist. I work with state and national anti drug coalitions on issues related to marijuana legalization and the subsequent legalization of all drugs. I work to expose political corruption and Iím a strong anti crime advocate. Iím also an anti crime/corruption blogger and write for the website
Q&A continued here.
Roger Morgan-Take Back America Foundation
The majority of Californians agree:  we donít want marijuana grown or distributed in our communities; nor do we need to earn tax dollars on the backs of our youth!
California voters who passed the Compassionate Use Act (Prop 215) in 1996 were victims of a publicity campaign financed primarily by three out of state billionaires, with George Soros at the helm.  The reality is it had nothing to do with compassion, or the need for cannabis as an alternative to real medicines.  It was merely a first step in a long journey to legalize pot.  The motive was money, or in the case of Soros, to dumb down and destroy young people to create a weaker nation.  What has happened since is a disgrace to California.
To assuage the appetite of 7% of the population who just want to get high, or make money off of those who do, marijuana cultivation sites are sucking up mass quantities of Californiaís water during the worst drought in history. 
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