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Narco- State California:
A Model for George Soros' America

Coalition Drug Free California continues
efforts to obtain public records from
Attorney General.
Coalition Drug Free California
Fires Back at Attorney General
Kamala Harris.
Corruption: Top Cop Kamala Harris
voluntarily writes Amicus
supporting pot shops.
Attorney General Influenced by drug money.
Attorney General Kamala Harris
 refuses public records request.
Coalition Drug Free California
 Blasts State’s Failed
A new study released by U.C Davis found an alarming connection between organophosphates and neurological delays in fetuses and children, even at low levels of exposure. 
Highly Toxic MARIJUANA
The study found that women living within a mile of  agricultural fields that are sprayed with pesticides were much more likely to have children who are developmentally delayed and autistic, but it’s not just agricultural crops that are soaked in pesticides. The marijuana boon is creating it’s own casualties. Pesticides commonly used on marijuana are Phosmet, Diazinon, and Avid.  
Marijuana use damages
brain neurotransmitters
Pesticides commonly used on
marijuana linked to Autism.
Who is the Drug Policy Alliance?
San Francisco's
Emerald Triangle
Pesticides commonly used on marijuana linked to Autism.
Q&A with community and
anti drug activist Linda Taylor
Roger Morgan
The majority of Californians agree:  we don’t want marijuana grown or distributed in our communities; nor do we need to earn tax dollars on the backs of our youth!
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When purchasing a piece of history...
The 60’s were a tempestuous and turbulent time. Along the southern black belt in Selma Alabama civil rights violations reached the boiling point. Blacks wanted the right to vote. They wanted to register to vote without fear, intimidation or white suppression.
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Global Commission on Drug Policy: A sham.
No on Measure I- The "stamp out sprawl" measure limits growth necessary to ensure a healthy and vibrant community
Election 2015: Our Picks.
California Attempts Medical Marijuana Regulation, Despite Warnings.
By Roger Morgan
It’s tough to regulate a criminal activity. First of all, “medical marijuana” isn’t medicine. The term was coined to give pot a good name as a first step toward full legalization. Since federal law was a barrier to the hoax, the pro-pot lobby, financed by George Soros and others, hoodwinked California voters into approving marijuana for the chronically ill in 1996.

While Prop 215 allowed individuals or caregivers to grow plants for up to 5 people, California now has over 50,000 cultivation sites, producing (according to our legislators) $32 billion of marijuana, all under the guise of medicine. Massive pot plantations are drying up streams, absorbing mass quantities of water during the worst drought in history. Once nice neighborhoods reek with the stench of marijuana, while toxic pesticides, fungicides and poisons seep into ground water.

While marijuana is destroying the environment, and stoned drivers are killing people even on sidewalks, the drug itself is adversely affecting the brains of anyone under 25, particularly adolescents. The potency of pot has escalated from about 4% to as high as 96% as Butane Hash Oil (BHO) or wax, available to anyone 18 years or older for any purported illness.

Vaping has become increasingly popular with teenagers as a delivery vehicle, while edibles are packaged to appeal to kids and sold in quantities that have proven fatal. We don’t need new regulations to essentially condone criminal activity. We need enforcement of the laws we have.