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Narco- State California:
A Model for George Soros' America

Coalition Drug Free California continues
efforts to obtain public records from
Attorney General.
Coalition Drug Free California
Fires Back at Attorney General
Kamala Harris.
Corruption: Top Cop Kamala Harris
voluntarily writes Amicus
supporting pot shops.
Who is the Drug Policy Alliance?
U.S.Attorney General Eric Holder:
 Do Your Job.
Attorney General Influenced by drug money.
Attorney General Kamala Harris
 refuses public records request.
Open Letter to Modesto Mayor
City Council Members:
 Paul Chabot for Congress.
Q. For those who don't know you, tell us about yourself.
I am Veteran of the US Armed Forces and served in Iraq.  I'm a proud husband and father to four beautiful children. As a small business owner and family man I have seen first hand how California has harmed the middle class. High taxes, high crime, poor education and delayed care for disabled military veterans is rampant in our state. I will fight to restore common sense to Sacramento for all of us.I grew up poor, my parents divorced when I was in third grade and worked hard to put myself through college. I was not raised with a silver spoon - I can appreciate the struggles of everyday life for many, and will do all I can to protect our youth and communities from further harm.

Q&A continued here.
The scam known as
 'medical' marijuana.
San Francisco's
Emerald Triangle
Coalition Drug Free California
 Blasts State’s Failed
Assemblyman Tom Ammiano
 Campaign Contributions
Q. What are the 3 most important issues affecting Stanislaus County and how are you addressing them?
A. Addiction, Mental Illness, adequate, sustainable funding/staffing resources.
After nearly four years of unprecedented declines in revenue and cuts to our budget, resources and staffing, our budget is stable and we anticipate some growth. Thanks to state funding, we’re building critically needed public safety infrastructure, new facilities, a Day Reporting Center and more. With our current AB900 II project, you’ll see new construction of 456 beds within a year, on the Hackett Road Campus. Those facilities will be state of the art, putting particular emphasis on ensuring the safety and security of deputies and staff, while implementing the strategy of realignment (AB109) through educational, vocational and rehabilitative opportunities.
Q&A with our top cop-Sheriff Adam Christianson.
Continued here.
Gubernatorial Election is June 3rd.  Here are our picks.
Stancoinsider endorses Birgit Fladager for District Attorney.
Because Integrity Matters.
Stancoinsider endorses Supervisor Dick Monteith, District 4.
Stancoinsider endorses Senator Anthony Cannella, District 12 
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