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Narco- State California:
A Model for George Soros' America

Coalition Drug Free California continues
efforts to obtain public records from
Attorney General.
Coalition Drug Free California
Fires Back at Attorney General
Kamala Harris.
Corruption: Top Cop Kamala Harris
voluntarily writes Amicus
supporting pot shops.
Attorney General Influenced by drug money.
Attorney General Kamala Harris
 refuses public records request.
Coalition Drug Free California
 Blasts State’s Failed
A new study released by U.C Davis found an alarming connection between organophosphates and neurological delays in fetuses and children, even at low levels of exposure. 
Highly Toxic MARIJUANA
The study found that women living within a mile of  agricultural fields that are sprayed with pesticides were much more likely to have children who are developmentally delayed and autistic, but it’s not just agricultural crops that are soaked in pesticides. The marijuana boon is creating it’s own casualties. Pesticides commonly used on marijuana are Phosmet, Diazinon, and Avid.  
Marijuana use damages
brain neurotransmitters
Pesticides commonly used on
marijuana linked to Autism.
Who is the Drug Policy Alliance?
San Francisco's
Emerald Triangle
Pesticides commonly used on marijuana linked to Autism.
Q&A with community and
anti drug activist Linda Taylor
Roger Morgan-Take Back America Foundation
The majority of Californians agree:  we don’t want marijuana grown or distributed in our communities; nor do we need to earn tax dollars on the backs of our youth!
California voters who passed the Compassionate Use Act (Prop 215) in 1996 were victims of a publicity campaign financed primarily by three out of state billionaires, with George Soros at the helm.  The reality is it had nothing to do with compassion, or the need for cannabis as an alternative to real medicines.  It was merely a first step in a long journey to legalize pot.  The motive was money, or in the case of Soros, to dumb down and destroy young people to create a weaker nation.  What has happened since is a disgrace to California.
To assuage the appetite of 7% of the population who just want to get high, or make money off of those who do, marijuana cultivation sites are sucking up mass quantities of California’s water during the worst drought in history. 
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When purchasing a piece of history...
The 60’s were a tempestuous and turbulent time. Along the southern black belt in Selma Alabama civil rights violations reached the boiling point. Blacks wanted the right to vote. They wanted to register to vote without fear, intimidation or white suppression. The Voter Rights Project encouraged black residents to line up at the courthouse almost daily, but instead of registering them to vote they were subjected to a process that was meant to taunt and humiliate them. Representatives from the Student Non Violent Coordinating Committee begin staging protests over white resistance to black voter registration in 1963. Large gatherings at Brown Chapel to discuss a plan of action were met with anger from the white community and Judge James Hare issued an injunction making it illegal for three or more black’s to discuss civil rights or voter registration. It was yet another roadblock to overcome, but the black community defied the Judges order and continued to gather at Brown Chapel. Protests continued throughout much of 1963 and 64.
In October of 1964, Joe T. Smitherman was sworn into office as Mayor of Selma. Despite the fact that Smitherman was a member of awhite supremacist group (White Citizens Council) and a segregationist, he fostered a policy of inclusion by allowing anyone to visit his office.
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Global Commission on Drug Policy: A sham.